We are Merce

We do whatever it takes to empower you technologically. It’s a code we live by. It helps that we write it too.

And We Do a Simple Thing

We develop ideas. We design products. We work hard to make it work and we work harder to make it simple.


Without the go-forth-and-reboot mindset. We blend technology with energy, patience, urgency, focus and most importantly, insight.

A spine called Merce

For stories to grow, they need a spine. Businesses are evolving stories, of which we are the spine. Using modern technology stacks, we love to do full-stack development, building advanced web-based applications and hybrid mobile apps. We build support for Big Data, messaging, horizontal scalability, and other features. We love to build robust software products, which are scalable, secure and simple. (Doesn’t everyone?)

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Why partner with us


The fastest turnaround with minimal financial overheads With Team Merce


Two decades of building software products & solutions


Talent pool with mature tech capabilities, aiming at delivery on time

Your Need

We are your partners for your software needs, short term & long term


Lowest TCO with the right team to back your needs

Five reasons why

  1. Needs, meet Teams.  It’s simpler to build a team on contract rather than increase the full-time employee headcount. We provide you with the right set of people for your technology needs — short- or  medium-term.
  2. Experience Matters.  Two decades of experience lets us predict challenges that help you save time and money.
  3. Talent Pool.  We don’t have an employee pool. We have exhaustive training programs for our people who can work on any kind of challenge, from technology to project management.
  4. No Hidden Costs.  When you hire and train your own team, it is far more expensive. There are no hidden costs when you outsource to us.
  5. On time.  We do things right, and we do them on time. Every time.

Case Studies

Contact Us
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Address (INDIA)

Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd
301 Technocity
X-5/3 TTC Industrial Area
MIDC Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400710

:+91 22 27781895/96

Address (USA)

Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd
1819 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210

:+1 720-643-2019